Dear Friends,

We are finally attending markets!  Our first markets were Riverside Market and Marietta Square.  Both markets were very successful and we loved the folks we met! 

Although we talked with many veteran vendors of the markets, we still had quite a learning curve in what was the best way for us to set up our shelter and accoutrement.  How do we share samples?  How much change do we need? Do we use ice or cold packs?  Guess what? Ink jet ingredient  labels run when they get wet!!!  Should we make logs, tubs or unique shapes of our cheese? Should we use spoons, pretzels or bread to offer samples??  Guess what?  I ran out of spoons, Cathy had to move at light speed to keep spreading cheese on bread bites and pretzels break if the humidity is high!  But these aren’t problems, they are fun little puzzles for tweaking our process of bringing our cheese to you.

Well…it’s off to the creamery to package for tomorrow’s market at Dunwoody.  We are trying some new ingredients; dried pears and Georgia pecans.  HMMMM!